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Dow Futures




Future & Options


  • Forex:

    You can buy or sell currencies in Indian Rupees and capitalize on the huge fluctuations that take place in the market. You can also Hedge/Protect the amount you are going to pay/receive in a foreign currency, so as to take care of the adverse movement in the FOREX market. NSE allows you to trade in the segment.

  • Hedging:

    It simply means, ways to protect the value of your portfolio. Its like buying Insurance for your portfolio.

  • Dow Futures:

    One can BUY/SELL the American index on NSE and take advantage in another market.

  • Bullion:

    Want to trade in Gold and Silver without taking delivery of the same. There are exchanges that allow trading in Bullion in India.

  • Nifty:

    Now you can Buy/Sell the index (say Nifty) itself , like shares. Buying/Selling an index means, playing on the strength/weakness of all the shares that an index is made of. You do not have to take any delivery of shares nor you have to pay any big amount to Buy/Sell the index. All you pay is a margin amount, usually a percentage of total contract value.

  • Equity:

    Electronic trading on NSE and BSE has made investment in shares in India more transparent, fast and safe. We usually track most of the sectors. You can even use our services to get a second opinion about the investments you have made on your own.

  • Futures & options:

    Through Futures & Options segment you can Buy/Sell shares (or other underlying assets) without taking or giving delivery of the shares. Various strategies can be used to minimize your risk in this segment.